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Welcome to my site. As the header implies it is a visual data base of the works of art that I have been privileged to create to date. An attempt has been made to organise the work into categories to allow for easy navigation and clarity. My creative process is anything but organized and categorized, it comes as it comes and gets put down or spit out in the medium that is at hand. Having said that certain patterns have emerged over time and similar ways of exploring the same theme have been attemted in different mediums and sometimes in the same medium multiple ways . This site is an attempt to document that exploration and showcase the ongoing creative process I have been allowed to particpate in.

Painting, Sculpture, Print making, Photography etc. all become tools that help to express. Perhaps as time accumulates I have become better at knowing what will work to get these urges out more clearly and choose what is appropriate for the expression that is trying to be made but to a large extent the medium(s) dictate the expression.

Recent Works/Involvements

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